My Kid Hates Kindermusik

So my kid hates Kindermusik. He's a little behind on his speech, but he is constantly 'on the go'. When I heard about Kindermusik, I thought it would be a good thing for him. I knew that it worked on motor skills and could also help with communication. And since Lil Man is all about movement, I thought it would be the perfection combination. NOT!

Our preview visit was a disaster. He spent most of the time just glued to me. But I discussed it with Hubby, and we decided this was something that we needed to do. With him being an only child and no family nearby, we feel that it's important to give him as many opportunities with other kids as we can.

But Kindermusik is definitely beyond his comfort zone. I'm not the most outgoing person myself. I can be (at times), but I can also be incredibly shy. And I see that in my son. I don't want to force him into things, but I want to at least give him the opportunity to try, even if it's a little uncomfortable for both of us at first..

The second visit of Kindermusik was pretty much just as painful as the first. But we stayed, and I tried my best to let him relax with all of the activity of the other kids.

By the third visit, he was at least off of me and ventured away from me a little. That's progress right?

The fourth visit was still painful, but he ventured off of me. And this time he went up with the other kids to get a musical instrument. He would rather throw the instrument than tap it softly, but he at least walked up, reached out and took an instrument. He also helped put the toys back into the basket. I'm beginning to see a little interaction, which in my opinion is a step in the right direction.

But it hurts. My heart breaks to think that he wants a toy, but is too shy to go and get it. My heart breaks to think that he wants to be a part, but is too scared to know how to join in. What's a Mom to do?

I'm beginning to see that this is one of the hardest things of parenting. I have to give my son the opportunities, the encouragement, and the support. But I also have to step back and let him find his way.


  1. Take comfort in the fact that you're giving him the chance to do it. You can't force him out of his shell.

  2. He'll adjust just give it time. It wont always be like this. When theyre little new situations just take time.

    1. Thank you for the comment. And you are right, it's all so new to him.


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