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Well, I was so excited last week about a freelance opportunity. It was going to give me the majority of the budget that I needed to make to pay for Lil Man's preschool this upcoming fall. But it didn't work out. It was requiring far more than I could give. I'm disappointed, but things have a way of working out.

With each task/project that I take on, I'm looking at it as a learning experience. With each job, I've either improved upon my skills that I already possess, or I've learned new skills. It's all good. It just means that I have to continue looking for some more opportunities so that I can bring in a little income.

We had a good New Year. Little Man felt the need to climb up to the table and get a bag of chips.

He smelled of sour cream and onion for hours. 

After we put him to bed, Hubby and I rented a movie. It was a nice quiet night at home. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Today, Lil Man has been difficult. I think I've said "No" like a bazillion times. Thankfully he has napped today which has given me a little break... a much.... needed.... break.


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