This is Why Mommy Eats Chocolate

So, my Lil Man who is never still, although I've been told NUMEROUS times that he comes by it honest. Hmm.. I wonder where he got that from? Anyway, before I could even get down my cold cup of green tea (and the reason it was cold was because I was interrupted so many times that I didn't get a chance to drink it but that's another post), he decided to rip the wallpaper off the wall and put the tiny pieces in his car where he proceeded to 'drive' them around.

What's a mother to do at this point, but sigh and say "No, we don't rip the wallpaper off the wall".

Thankfully, at this time, the thrill of ripping wallpaper has left him and he has moved on to the other things.. the poor dog and the Christmas tree don't stand a chance...


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