You'd think as many times as I've been rejected in my life that rejection wouldn't hurt anymore. Really, I can't count the number of times that I've been rejected, or slighted, or been on the receiving end of cruel words.

I'm almost 40 for pete's sake. Rejection shouldn't bring tears anymore, but it still does. It just seems like I've been faced with it a lot lately. It started with the Running and has seemed to carry over into other parts of my life.

I have spent most of my life on the sidelines watching other people. That's what happened with the marathon.   Once again, I'm on the side as others do things that I want to do. I trained. I had to have an unexpected surgery. I got injured. I couldn't run. It happens. It isn't the end of  the world. But what many don't realize is that there are numerous times in my life that I am on the sidelines, watching, wishing I was the one 'out there' - not the one watching. .

But I suppose my emotions are raw, and other rejections are stinging more than they should.

There is a part of me that just wants to give up trying and just sit in the corner and not get up. But the reality is, we all know I'd get hungry at some point and would get up for food :)

Let me tell you, I have yet to find anything that can make you feel more inadequate than Motherhood. And sometimes other mothers. My kid is almost 2 and there are some days that I feel like I don't have a clue what I'm doing. But I wing it and tell myself that I know what I'm doing.

Currently my kid is sucking on a discarded sucker that he had yesterday. Since Hubby was watching him, I had assumed he ate it. Nope, he just picked up the sticky, now fuzzy sucker that he had hidden in a toy and plopped it in his mouth. He's having a grand ole time. So yeah, I'm letting my kid eat a fuzzy sucker at 6:00pm. Gasp!  His laughter is contagious.

The sting of rejection is fading. I'll wipe away the tears. Pick myself up. And move on


  1. your so cute~ Rejections SUCKS! but it's also when you feel rejection-- you also feel an inner strength you didn't know was THERE ALL ALONG! Cheers to ACKNOWLEDGING IT AND MOVING RIGHT ALONG!


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