First Pinterest Project

I just did my first Pinterest Project! I would post a picture, but my Mom says it needs a ribbon and I'm not the kind of girl that has ribbons and bows in the house. Chocolate yes - ribbons no.

So, I'll go buy some ribbon and add it - if I can tie a bow. Every time I try to tie a bow it turns out upside down. Mom said to google it and watch a video (ha). If it were only that simple for me. Computers I can do. Bows not so much.

I destroyed the kitchen and I'm sure it took much longer than it was supposed to take to do this project, but it turned out ok.

I'll take a pic once I go to the store and get some ribbon, find a video on how to tie it, call my mom numerous times as she tries to instruct me yet again how to do it (as I remind her of the numerous times that I had to tell her to click on the Big E to get to the internet - we each have our strengths and weaknesses). Funny thing is, she's master the Big E, time will tell if I can master tying a bow. ;)


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