Faked a Poop

Mommy confession.. I have faked a poop so that I could lock myself in the bathroom to get a few minutes away from my toddler and husband. I'm not proud, but you reach a point that survival mode kicks in. Sometimes you just need... five... minutes... please... where there isn't anyone asking you for anything.

Don't get me wrong. My hubby helps out a lot with our Lil Man. Truly, he does. But Lil Man responds differently to him than me. Hubby can literally sit on the couch all day while Lil Man is usually content - not asking him for ANYTHING.

Yet, when it comes to me, I can't sit for 5 minutes without Lil Man grunting or motioning his needs. If I try to take my husband's approach and try to just do 'my thing', the grunts and motions get louder and stronger until I take care of whatever it is that he needs.

So I reached a point that I just needed those precious five minutes just to recoup before I continued to tackle the 'no, don't touch that, stop, we don't spit, no touch, stop, that's not for you, put it down'. There are some mornings that it feels like I've said "no" a thousand times before 8am. There are some days that I feel like that is the only word that I've said all day. Really?!? what is so appealing about dog food? I found an entire container of dog treats poured into the dog's water bowl. His response when he saw me? 'Uh oh'.

This week I've caught a barn door, several LEGOs and his snack bowl as it was being flushed down the toilet. It has been non stop 'something' all week this week. Oh, and he is napping less and less.. sigh.

So no I'm not proud, but I am human. And the reality is sometimes we just need a few minutes to regroup to face life's challenges. And trust me, dealing with a toddler all day can give you some challenges. Being a Stay at Home Mom is one of the hardest things I've ever done. I have to say that going to an office, although there are stressful issues there too, was much easier (most of the time) than staying home. But this job is the most rewarding job I've ever had even if I have to fake a poop to get five minutes to myself.


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