Busy Busy

Wow, this week has been busy. Dentist appointment for Lil Man. He has 10 teeth. He didn't care much for the visit, but he liked the monitor of the fish swimming around.

Then there was the follow up Dr. appt for me.

Waiting with me at the Dr's Office 
Thankfully, Lil Man was cooperative during my Dr. visit. Dr. said I wasn't 100% well, but well enough that I could run and train for a marathon if I wanted to. 

I have made more cookies this week than I have in my entire life! I made some for Hubby to take to the office. Made some for the mail carrier. Made some for the paper delivery guy. And I made several dozen for us to munch on over the weekend. 

I have to say that the Mint Chocolate chip were pretty tasty! Yum. I'm enjoying them now, because once they are all gone, there won't be any more for awhile. 

But today so far has been productive. I made tons of cookies/brownie bites, then cleaned, worked on my freelance stuff while Lil Man napped. His speech teacher will be here soon. Once she leaves, I'm sure it will be more cleaning/picking up things, then cooking dinner, and then I will have to work some more on my freelance work once Hubby gets home. Oh yeah, and I have more laundry to do. 

Good thing I just bought another massage off of +LivingSocial, I'm going to need it. 


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