Lil Man's Visit with Me at the Dr.

Lil Man had to go with me yesterday to the foot dr. He was intrigued by all of the people in the waiting room. Apparently people watching makes him hungry because he ate a fruit chew, a fruit rollup type thing and half a bag of yogurt melts. It reminded me of how people shove in popcorn by the handful at the movies.

Finally after a fairly lengthy wait, the nurse took us back to the room. She told me to "sit down and take your socks and shoes off". I put Lil Man in a chair (so I could sit on the exam table) and he immediately started trying to take his socks and shoes off.  Ha ha ha.. it took me a couple of times to convince him that she wasn't telling him to take his socks and shoes off.

He wasn't so cooperative when the Dr. came in (sigh). Yeah, he was tired of sitting. So my actual Dr visit was stressful as I tried to wrestle a squiggling, back bowing, whining, about to have an all out tantrum toddler.

But he was cute as he waved 'bye' to everyone as we left. He started waving bye before the DR was finished writing  my prescription.

I think he removed all doubt that he was ready to get out of there.. and honestly.. so was I!


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