Holidays are always hard. I miss my Mom and Dad. I wish my grandparents were here to see and meet Lil Man. I know they would be just over the moon about him as we are.

But I'm here, and they are there. So with each year,  I've decided that I have to focus on the family that is here and not the ones that aren't. This year was much easier than last. Don't misunderstand; I've shed some tears today. But I've also enjoyed spending time relaxing and just being a family with Hubby and Lil Man.

I did all of the prep work yesterday. Today only required putting things in the oven. So our morning was relaxing. Well, as relaxing as it can be with a toddler running around. He decided to do a head dive off of the couch and landed right on his wooden chair. He has a nice large bruise and bulge on his brow bone to prove it.

Lunch turned out to be a pretty nice meal. Lil Man didn't want to eat much, but he was thrilled with his solo cup, lid and straw that I let him use. He drank three glasses of milk. I let him have fun. He'll eat later; or he won't. He'll make up for it some other time.

Clean up was fairly easy. So Lil Man is napping. Hubby is enjoying some time outside. And I'm enjoying a few minutes of quiet time before the craziness begins again.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


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