Although today wasn't what I had hoped it was be, since I was supposed to be in Philadelphia, it has been an overall nice day.

Hubby has helped with Lil Man. I've been able to get some things done on the computer. Hubby even went and got me a milkshake and brought it home to me. And he's even picking up something for dinner. YEAH, I don't have to cook.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any housework done today. I'll put that on tomorrow's to do list, along with the grocery list.

I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving already. I'm cooking again this year. I'm sure there will be numerous calls to my mom (again) like last year. So, how long am I supposed to cook this turkey? And I have to take what out of it?  ;)

I'm planning on making Hubby a pumpkin pie. I'm not into pie and neither is Lil Man. So I'm thinking about making us some sugar cookies and letting him help decorate with sprinkles. We'll see how that goes. I just hope to make it fun.

Although we don't have any family nearby, the three of us are trying to make our own traditions. It can get a little lonely around the holidays, but we are thankful to have each other. It's fun to see Lil Man experience the holidays.

Last year he had a stomach bug and vomited at Thanksgiving Dinner. Hopefully this year won't be a repeat of last!


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