3 Months

It's so hard to believe that my little boy will be 3 months on Saturday. Where did the time go? I can't remember what my life was like without him. Isn't that something? I lived 37 years without him, and within 3 months time I can't remember what life was like before him.

Thankfully the gas and colic are so much better. He has his fussy moments as I'm sure all babies do, but crying every time he takes a bottle is getting less and less.

Our main obstacle at the moment is that he absolutely hates the carseat. Oh he doesn't cry. He screams. It is a horrible experience for both of us. I am hoping that he outgrows this soon as taking him anywhere is very difficult.

I'm trying my best to get back into shape (other than the shape of ROUND). Seems like the only time that I can exercise is VERY early in the morning. I joined a running class that is twice a week at 5:30 which means I must get up at 4:30 on those days. The other days that I exercise (and I try to exercise at least 5 times a week) I need to get up no later than 6:00. However, 5:30 works out best for our schedule.  But it is so hard to get up after limited sleep the night before. But H has been helpful in trying to let me sleep as much as possible when I am getting up super early. He knows it isn't easy to get up and push myself to exercise.

Well nap time is over...


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