Thanksgiving Next Week

Thanksgiving is next week. Once again, HG and I will be spending the holidays alone. I think this is probably a difficult time for both of us as we both miss our family. But like last year, we'll make the best of it. We don't have any concrete plans yet. I think we'll do some type of buffet thing. I wanted to cook, but HG didn't really want me to go to all of the trouble. I plan to make him a pie next weekend. I'm going to attempt to make a pie that his grandmother used to make him - everything from scratch of course. Hopefully it will be edible. It might not taste like his grandmother made it, but hopefully he'll appreciate my effort. 

I have to work Black Friday. I only have 8 hours of paid time off left. I think I'll save it for New Year's Eve since we don't really  have any plans for the day after Thanksgiving. I imagine that HG will go hunting if the weather is decent. 

I'm glad that today is Friday. This has been a long stressful week for me. It felt great to relax today. I'm thinking about Christmas shopping tomorrow. 


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