Friday, February 6, 2009 - LOST

Ok, I will rightfully admit that I am directionally challenged. Anyone who knows me will testify to this. My husband has received more than one frantic phone call where I am crying and sometimes cussing that I am lost.. not just a little lost.. but so lost that the GPS has stopped talking altogether. I suppose she got tired of saying ‘recalculating… recalculating’. Leave it to me to even get the GPS confused to where it doesn’t even know where I am. My latest directional mishap was yesterday.

After work, I drove to my new running location and ran 4 miles. Normally I would drive to go pick up HG from his office, but instead I was going home. Thinking there might be a different route to take, I put my home address in the GPS. Yep, ‘she’ told me to turn down a street I had never been on. I felt tightness in my chest as I am terrified of getting lost, but I decided to trust this machine to guide me home. I turned faithfully where she stated. I took the next street as she guided me on my way. I felt myself relax a little until she said ‘turn left’. Hmm….. left? I can’t turn left. There isn’t a street to turn left on. Thinking maybe I just hadn’t reached the street yet, I made my way slowly down the road looking for a ‘left’ to take. Seconds later – recalculating. What!? Recalculating? … then I took a good look around me. I had been concentrating so hard on trying to find the street that I wasn’t aware of exactly where I was. I was right in the middle of ‘the projects’. Yes that’s right, totally lost, no clue where I am and let’s just say.. definitely not where I needed to be. I grabbed the cell phone and called HG. I barely let him say hello before I said those words he’s heard so often “I’m lost”. His next words as usual “don’t you have the GPS”. What I normally say next in these circumstances would not be considered appropriate to type, and I will refrain from typing them as my mother is possibly reading this. He then asked “are you going north or south”. Now people, don’t you think if I knew which ‘direction’ I was going that I wouldn’t have wound up in the projects in the first place. He told me to look at the GPS and see if it said which direction I was going. I looked at the GPS with accusing eyes as if to say ‘you got me into this’. As if on cue, the GPS said to turn left. After a few more lefts and a right or two, I was finally back to a familiar street. Next time, I’ll go home the way I normally go…


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