Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm trying to settle into a routine of working full time, running a household and working out. I'm starting to find my 'schedule'. This past week I began working out again. But things are good. I was surprised at how much of an adjustment it was for me to go back to a full time job. I suppose it was because in the past when I worked full time, I was only responsible for myself. I only thought about 'food for one' which usually consisted of cereal or ice cream. Marriage changes a lot of things. But I have to say that HG has been very helpful lately with the household chores. I am very grateful for his help.

I'm starting to 'branch out' a little in my cooking skills. (HG is thankful for that). This year I've made banana nut bread twice, pecan pies, pumpkin pies, and muffins in addition to homemade lasagna and Mexican corn bread. All of which, I might add, turned out to be pretty good.

I wish I'd taken some pictures of Tula in the snow yesterday. She likes going out with me to get the snow off of my car. She hops around like a rabbit. So far she and Sally have kept from 'clashing' again. HG said he had to reprimand her yesterday for trying to steal Shorty's treat. Hey, she's my dog – go figure that she'd take a treat if it was in front of her. HG has found his wife does the same thing with brownies and cookies. Basically, if you want it, you'd better eat it, and eat it quick.

I am ready for the temps to get above freezing though!


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