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Taking Things for Granted

My heart goes out to those who are in need. Having to work the reception desk this week, I've experienced first hand some of life's hard lessons. One homeless man came in for a voucher for a belt. His only belt had broke, and he was unable to keep up his pants, which were too large. He tied a shirt around his waist to try to keep them up. He had all of his belongings, what little he had with him.

Today, a couple came in looking for employment. The standard forms were given to them and they filled out the paper work. Once completed, he handed me the clipboard with desperation in his eyes begging to please just talk to someone about his application. I told him that all apps would go to HR and would be processed. He and his wife walked outside. Less than five minutes later, they came back in, begging to speak with someone. He has no job, he can't find employment and he's going to lose his home. I called HR and couldn't locate anyone, but told him to check back knowing as well as they do how difficult it is to find employment. He's practically in tears. His wife looks as though she barely has the strength to stand from all of the stress she is under. With her eyes filling with tears, she thanks me for my time.

There is so much in life that I take for granted. Just moments before, I was complaining about possibly having to do 'double entry' for the monthly billing. I worry over such silly things...


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