Friday, December 5 - Christmas Idea

Since I’ve only been working part time and we’ve spent so much money on heaters to try to keep warm this winter, it was decided that HG and I wouldn’t exchange gifts this year for Christmas. However, we were going to get a tree which I hope to get his weekend. I’m looking for a ‘tradition’ that he and I can start for us at Christmas since chances are we are going to be away from our families. I had an idea today. We have decided that we will exchange gifts which must be wrapped and placed under the tree, but we can’t spend more then $5 (including wrapping). I’ll probably use computer paper to wrap mine (ha). But I think it will be fun. It can be anything from a candy bar to gum to a key chain from a gas station. It doesn’t matter, but I think it will be fun… I’m looking forward to getting the tree!


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