Adventure at the Gym

I haven’t written anything in awhile. I guess I’m just trying to get adjusted to working and keeping up with all of the household duties. We are all doing fine. HG has been sick, but is getting better. Tula hasn’t been eaten by Sally. And, I’m doing fine with work. It’s hectic and stressful, but most days I am enjoying it. I think once I learn more of the duties and have a better idea on how things work, I will feel more confident. It’s nice to get a paycheck again.

I did have an adventure this week. I was at the gym and noticed a girl using a machine that works your calf muscle. Of course this girl was ‘fit.’ I grunted to myself and said if she can do it, so can I! After she finished on the machine, I went over and sat down. I had never used this machine before and many of you know that I’m not mechanically minded. In fact, if someone put me in a paper sack and it was left up to me to get out, I would probably panic first, before I realized I could just climb out. But here I was, sitting on this machine that I had never used before. After sitting down, I realized that a bar went across my legs and the intent of the machine was to push up with one’s toes to work the calf muscle. I put a 25 pound weight on the machine. It was too easy. I climbed out and put another 25 pound weight on the machine. I began the work-out. I did a set of 10, but then something happened. I supposed I had fatigued my calf muscles already. I couldn’t ‘push’ up – meaning that my legs were pinned beneath this machine. I began to panic, but I told myself to calm down and breathe. After all, it’s only 50 pounds. I tried once again to push up and I couldn’t. I noticed a lever and I pulled on it with all of my strength. The bar across my lap barely moved. There were people on the same side of the gym as me; knowing this, I could have called for help. But then I decided I would rather stay there and never move again before I asked for help to be removed from this apparatus. With one final tug I was able to move the lever and get the bar off of my legs. I literally crawled out from under the machine. Trying to regain any small resemblance of dignity I had left, I put my weights back in the proper place. :) Needless to say, I won’t be using that machine again.


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