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Your Moment Is Now

I'm not sure how you came across this post, maybe you subscribe, maybe you saw it on social media, maybe you found it in a Google search. (If you found it by googling shoot me an email I'm really curious how you found me. :) 

But regardless of how you wound up here-you are here. And I would like to take this moment to encourage you to take a moment to breathe.

I find that sometimes life gets so hectic and so rushed and so hurried that I literally forget to just stop and take a moment to breathe.

 Your moment is now.

After 6 Years, I Can't Help But Wonder, Is it Me?

I'm jealous of those girls who have friends. You know the ones that if they won a day at the spa would have no problem choosing someone to go with them, someone to go shopping with or just do 'girly' things that my husband could care less about. I don't have that. I've been trying for months to get a play date for my son at his speech teacher's suggestion. The sad thing is that I haven't been able to make that happen. I don't have a group of girlfriends. When I moved from MS, I left my best friend behind. We talk often, but it's different.

So it's going on six years without a best friend here. I wish I could say that my husband and I spend lots of time together to fill the gaps, but that isn't the reality. He works hard to make a living for our family. We still don't have a babysitter and our son is almost 2 with no family nearby. It was over a year ago that we had one night out to go to dinner. So quality time together is lacking. And all of this, combined with an enormous lack of sleep, has left me feeling quite... you guessed it... lonely.

And we've all been sick. I thought we were well, but my now constant runny nose, and Lil Man's sneezing is implying that we still aren't 100%. So this hasn't helped as I've been home every day this week.

It's just a funk, one that I'll get out of sooner hopefully verses later. But it is discouraging sometimes that after 6 years, I still find myself longing for friends. And I can't help but wonder... is it me?


  1. Not you as much as your situation. Have you signed up for playdate groups? How about your local churches and such? Get out there mujer because you're fabulous and blog friends can only do so much... BB2U

    1. :) with winter colds we've had to miss alot lately.. which hasn't helped things!

  2. I totally know how you feel. My daughter turned 3 a few months ago and I'm still lonely when it comes to mom friends. It's not that i haven't tried but honestly mom groups are tough. They can be so clickey it can be hard to be the new person. I have no family around either and my husband travels all the time for work.

    Keep trying. It can be hard but hopefully you will have better luck than I did.


    1. Thank you and good luck to you also!

  3. Hi Amy!

    I can totally sympathize with the "funk" feeling and being sick only adds to the feeling of loneliness. Just a few things I would suggest are
    (1) Volunteer: This can really open doors into meeting new people, gets you out of the house and exposes your kiddo to the community in a great way.
    (2) Seek out running groups or do what I did and make your own. Although this has been hit or miss for me when I finally became successful in starting one (after 2 years of failure) it was worth the wait. Also you can look into groups like MRTT and see one of the groups is near enough to you. At the very least you can get to know them online and meet at races -

    1. I do belong to a great running group. I'm glad I connected with them especially as my long runs get longer. They are a great group of runners. I just haven't found 'that' friend yet if you know what I mean. They are all busy with their own lives and own friends. I will check out the site though. Thanks for passing it along!

  4. I have the same issue. Most of my friends live interstate and it's hard. My advice is join a playgroup or similar. I have more playdate style friends now that my daughter is at school. Thankfully.

    1. Yes, I'm trying to branch out more and find some like minded friends at playgroups. Fingers crossed that I meet some people.


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