My Life As A Non-Instructional Aide

Because I keep answering this question over and over and over, I thought I'd put it here in case other people might want to know. Now, please keep in mind this is for my current school and situation and I know it will vary from school to school etc.

As a non-instructional aide this is what I do...

You know those fruit cups that you send in school lunches? And those squeeze yogurt tubes? Or juice boxes? Or tight lids? And pudding cups... don't forget the pudding cups ... well that's me... I (along with the other aides) help the kids with opening all of those things and more.

And for the kids that buy their lunch, we also help them open their milk or juice or apple slices or whatever they need.  We also make sure that the lunch line moves as smoothly as possible.

We also monitor the kids to help them get their utensils and napkins and condiments. Once we start dismissing the children from their tables, we wipe off the table and seats and have the kids lined up for their teacher.

It's a fast turn over with classes usually coming in and being dismissed every 5 minutes. I'm often on my hands and knees cleaning up spills or wiping up crumbs. I don't like the days that we serve syrup ;) We give high fives and lots of smiles.

Recess duty is just that... recess duty. We make sure that the kids are being as safe as possible, playing nicely with others, and the list goes on and on.

Of course this isn't everything, but you get the general idea.

For me, I love it. I really do. I am the most exhausted that I have been in a long time which surprises me as active as I am (Will Run For Ice Cream). But I couldn't have asked for a better opportunity.

So there you go..... a little sneak peak into my life as a Non-instructional aide.

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