You Know The One. We've All Seen Her.

You know the one. We've all seen her. And if we are truthful, at some point, we've all been her (probably numerous times). You know what I'm talking about. The overly tired sleep deprived Mom with a million things on her to-do list pushing her very active, determined not to sit still or cooperate with today's activities, very inquisitive toddler. You can usually hear them before you see them. 

And today, that Mom was me. Lil Man woke up at 4:30am today. And thankfully I did have 'pre-school' time today which was a nice break. I met a friend for a 4 mile run. Then I went to the local coffee house and worked for an hour and half. But because I made a bet with my husband (What Did I Just Do?), my Milky Way Latte was replaced with a plain green tea. And somehow that just wasn't as relaxing as my Milky Way Latte had been ;) 

I picked up Lil Man from pre-school and went to the grocery store. I could tell that he had fun at school. But I could also tell that if I said up, he wanted down. Sigh. 

He was naming off colors in the produce section (so far so good I'm thinking). But then he started to lose interest. And this is where the grocery shopping started falling apart. I made the mistake of allowing him to hold the container of peaches (You know the ones with the 4 individual plastic cups). At first this didn't seem so bad.. and then after a few aisles over... (insert climatic music) ... they hit the floor. Sigh.

I picked them up individually as the cardboard container tore that was holding them. Lil Man wanted them back. Umm.. no. So let's just say you could really hear us coming down the aisles now. 

I didn't realize the containers were leaking until I put them on the belt at the register. Double sigh. I didn't check because truthfully I didn't want to know, but there is a high probability that I left a trail of peach juice throughout the store. 

Add in the fact that I'm going through sugar withdrawal, standing near the candy at the checkout with our peach juice soaked items was not the highlight of my day. 

I managed a smile as the cashier gingerly placed the peach containers into a separate bag for me. 

I think she sighed a breath of relief as we left the store.... 
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  1. Aw, don't worry about what anybody thinks. Anybody worth their salt understands that sometimes it's just one of those days. Just go with the flow.

    1. Yep, I try.. some days it's easier than others :)

  2. You're a saint! I've been seen leaving places hauling our eldest like a sack of potatoes while he screams like a banshee.

    Maybe you saw someone in the store like this non-parent, single guy:

    1. Yep, I've been there too and had to drag him out of a kid's fair.


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