Truly Blessed - 4th Of July Fireworks - Our Upcoming Anniversary

I'm am blessed. There is no other way to say it than I am truly blessed. I sit here on the 4th of July with a 2 year old taking a nap, a husband happily working on a project, and I've spent the day being with my family.

Last night we took Lil Man to see fireworks for the first time. I was beyond excited. I wasn't sure how he would react to any of it. First of all, we got there (probably a little too early for us), and had to wait 2 hours.

He was handling it all ok, but I could tell that he was starting to get tired, and a little demanding. But thankfully the fireworks (in the sky) started before any massive meltdowns.

When they started, it was loud, and he was a little startled but not scared or anything. He started yelling "Oh No!, Oh No!, Oh No!" and covered his eyes. But after the first few went off, he realized it was 'ok' and then he was ooing and aahhing. We heard him yelling "Whoa, Wow, More, and Lights".

It was so much fun to watch his face as he watched the fireworks. This was our first time to go out for a holiday celebration as a family. We didn't know if we'd be up all night since Lil Man's bedtime is usually around 7:30pm or 8:00pm. He started to get sleepy half way home, but I tickled and played games with him to keep him away.

We got him home, changed him into his PJs, read a few books, put him to bed and he went right to sleep. Whew... 11:00pm and we were in bed.

He slept a little later than normal today, but not much. But, he is currently napping, and has been asleep for over 3 hours!

But as I type this, I'm reminiscing about 8 years ago. Eight years ago, I started dating Hubby. Two years after our first date, we got engaged on 7/1/07. We eloped on 7/7/07. ;)

And here we are now, six years later with an adorable son who I believe got his fair share of stubbornness from both of us. But he is truly a treasure.

And I am truly blessed that I have a man who loves me, who puts up with my moods, who understands my need for 'a run', who brings me home chocolate because I call and ask him to, who knows that sometimes I need to sneak off to the local ice cream joint and get my ice cream fix, and who loves me for me.


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