Busy, Busy, Busy

Busy doesn't begin to describe it. A week or so ago, I lost my 'main' freelance job. It came out of no where. I just got up one day to work, opened my email, and boom that was it. She lost a client and she had to let me go. I was disappointed, but I totally understood. Sooooo.. I applied for several jobs hoping I could find one to fill that spot.

Can you believe that I got 3 jobs in one week? Great right! But I wasn't expecting that to happen. And I really wasn't expecting to get an email from the lady (that I really like working for that had to let me go) saying that she needed 5 hours this week if I could do it. So in addition to the 3 new jobs, I still had 5 hours to work for her. So I went from being busy to insanely busy. Two of my jobs are writing jobs. I am so very slow (apparently) and it's taking more time than I anticipated. Factor in the fact that Lil Man is sick, it's really stressful right now.

Hubby has been sick. Lil Man got a fever yesterday. He's super clingy, not napping and generally just not feeling well which requires a lot of Mommy time. Today I especially was banking on a nap. It didn't happen.

Today I accidentally threw my iPhone in the washer with Lil Man's clothes. After the washer had filled up with water, I realized that my phone was missing. I stopped the washer and called myself. Yep, I heard it vibrate from somewherein the deep pile of wet clothes. I started flinging clothes like a lunatic trying to frantically get to the phone somewhere in the wet pile in the washer. I grabbed it (at the very bottom of course) and got the Otter Box off quickly. The box was wet and was just starting to seep through to the phone. Thankfully the phone was ok. Whew.

I got Lil Man registered for Pre-school today. Can you believe it? I can't believe that this fall my little baby boy will start preschool.

And for an update on the Kindermusik.. I can't say that he 'likes' it, but for the last two classes he has participated a little. Woot! And he's adding about a word a week (or every other week) with speech. So that's improvement also.

Now everyone just needs to get well ...


  1. Congrats on the new job offers. I always say that when one door closes, another one opens.


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