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Your Moment Is Now

I'm not sure how you came across this post, maybe you subscribe, maybe you saw it on social media, maybe you found it in a Google search. (If you found it by googling shoot me an email I'm really curious how you found me. :) 

But regardless of how you wound up here-you are here. And I would like to take this moment to encourage you to take a moment to breathe.

I find that sometimes life gets so hectic and so rushed and so hurried that I literally forget to just stop and take a moment to breathe.

 Your moment is now.

And Then There Were 12

New theme and hopefully a new breath of fresh air for this little blog of mine. Many of you know that I blog at Will Run For Ice Cream. However, I have 2 blogs, and I've had them for quite some time. I bought the domain for this one at the same time that I bought #WillRun4IceCream. But for some reason, I've never had a clear direction where to take Today's Words Of Glass.

And I still can't say with certainty that I know where that will be. But I can say that like Will Run For Ice Cream, I will be honest and transparent with my writing. I don't need fake in my life, and I'm sure that you don't either.

So last weekend, we were on our way to the Healthy Kids Running Series where Lil Man is running this year. This was his second race, and we were super early.

So, we decided to stop by the tractor supply store to look at the chickens.

We did this last year, but this year somehow we walked out with......

12 of them. Yep. And it was my idea to get 12. Hubby asked me if I was sure. I said yes. So here I am, Mom to 1 human, 3 dogs and 12 baby chicks.

In case you are curious, chickens are messy (insert eyeroll). I'm finding that out as Hubby is traveling off and on this week.

But so far Lil Man and I have kept them alive, fed and relatively clean. And I can't believe how fast they are growing.

So yeah, I'm the Mom that on a whim came home with 12 baby chickens. Hopefully we aren't going to have any casualties, and this will be a positive learning experience for Lil Man. Either way, this is our life. I can't complain.

Writing is one of my passions, and I'm stepping out there on faith to follow my dream. If you like this blog or this post, please take a moment to share it with friends. Thank you for helping me follow my dream.
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