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Your Moment Is Now

I'm not sure how you came across this post, maybe you subscribe, maybe you saw it on social media, maybe you found it in a Google search. (If you found it by googling shoot me an email I'm really curious how you found me. :) 

But regardless of how you wound up here-you are here. And I would like to take this moment to encourage you to take a moment to breathe.

I find that sometimes life gets so hectic and so rushed and so hurried that I literally forget to just stop and take a moment to breathe.

 Your moment is now.


Lil Man didn't show any signs of being sick. In fact we went about our normal day. Thursday night about 9pm he developed a dry cough. I didn't think much of it. My midnight he had a low grade fever. By morning he was worse. By Noon it was full blown.

We went to the pediatrician's office. They came into the examining room with masks on. From the beginning apparently they suspected the flu. The flu never crossed my mind. They did a test and it was positive :( And yes he had the shot so we are hoping he won't have it 'as bad'.

Well I have to say this is rough. We are having a hard time getting any liquids in him. Between the vomiting and the fever, I'm really worried about dehydration.

It's been a sleepless night and a rough day today. So far Hubby and I aren't sick. I have a headache and slight sore throat. But no fever. Really hoping we don't get it, and hoping my Lil Man gets better quickly.

It is so hard to watch him hurt.


  1. Its tough to see them like that. My little one had the flu last weekend. Star fri morning with fever and cough. I called the dr Sunday morning n they thought it was the flu but nothing to do but ride it out. I suspected ear infection also and said I wanted her seen. They didn't do any of those test you mentioned but she did have an ear infection. She also got the flu shot in January and got sick from that too. I am now sick with the flu. I haven't had the flu in over 3 years!

    Hope your little one gets better and you guys dont catch it



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